You Choose the Car.
We'll Make the Deal!

Car Coach will help you choose your next car or truck. When you feel ready, we'll strike the deal for you. Save thousands. Hands-down, the best way to buy a car or truck.

Don't Buy a Car Without a Coach!


Shopping for a new car is supposed to be fun and exciting. Instead, you find yourself playing the same old games that make car buying just as stressful as ever. We've got a better idea. Take a Car Coach along. 


Car Coach helps you find a vehicle you like and when you've made your choice, we'll strike the deal for you. You'll save thousands and you'll get the car you've always wanted.


No pressure, no stress, no salespeople. Just you and your Car Coach. 


How Does a Car Coach Work?

Your Main Features & Benefits

No Salespeople...Ever!

Car Coach reps shield you from salespeople while you shop. You deal with us. No salespeople, ever!

Narrow your choice down to three cars or trucks. We'll give you the lowdown on each one so you can make your decision without pressure.  

Professional "Walkaround"


The walkaround is the formal presentation and explanation of the vehicle you are interested in. 


We can explain options and packages and help you make sense of upgrades. We'll tell you what the experts say and share their reports with you. 

Lowest Prices


Dealers are not going to give you the lowest price possible just for the asking, so stop asking. 


Once you've settled on a vehicle, we'll contact the sales manager and make the deal for you. We'll even accompany you in the finance office!

Spend a little. Save a lot!

The Shopper


Professional Walkaround (3 Cars)
Opinion Reports
Consumer Reports
Pricing Tips

The Dealmaker



Professional Walkaround (3 Cars)
Opinion & Consumer Reports
Lowest Price Exposed
    Deal Struck with Manager

The Bargainer



Professional Walkaround (3 Cars)
Opinion & Consumer Reports
Lowest Price Exposed
   You Make the Deal

Questions, Questions

How can you get deals that we can't?

Car Coach doesn't pay extra fees and markups. We present realistic deals that management can live with (cost plus a profit) and dismiss the phoney fees and markups that dealers are so famous for. We speak their language and they know they can't fool us. 


At no time are there angry words or hard feelings with the dealership. 

We have the cost of the car. Why do we need you?
Are we guaranteed to save money?
What happens to our trade-in?
Can you save money on a used car?

Client Testimonials

I had the cost price of the truck I wanted and walked in to make the deal.. It meant nothing. I brought my Car Coach back with me and the deal was made. 

Antony Moore

I love cars and trade up once a year. I really hate the games and back and forth with "the manager". Car Coach made it quick and easy. I saved $$$!!

Bryan Thompson

Nothing has changed for women buying cars. Car Coach got me my deal and all I had to do was come in and sign. I love my new SUV!


Ann Smith

Our Team

Garfield McCormick

Car Coach (BC)


Car salesman-turned coach, Garfield is patient and fun to deal with!

Chuck Kelsey

Senior Research


Charley is our senior researcher, staying on top of prices and rebates and alterting buyers. 

Cal Hallman

General Manager, Alberta)


Cal manages our Calgary office, keeping everything organized and up-to-date. 

Steve DeShawn



Steve is a research assistant and also prepares buyer reports. 

Common Dealer Terms



Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. The price a car or truck is designed to sell for in a competitive market. 


Dealers often ignore this price and make up their own price sheets, adding fees and markups. See ADM



Added Dealer Markup. A made-up price increase to puff up the price of a car above MSRP. 


Often slipped into modified price sheets and displayed on car windows to add legitimacy. 

Documentation Fee


Usually $695--$1,495. A made-up charge disguised as a legitimate fee. Illegal in some provinces. 


Dealers will hang onto the "doc fee" for dear life, as it has become a big part of their profit picture. 

The Box


That friendly face in the finance office ("the box") specializes in grossly overpriced finance and protection products. 


We'll be with you in the finance office, guiding you through the offers and saving you money. 

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About Us

Car Coach is a Calgary-based company providing vehicle shopping and buying services. 

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  [email protected]

  830-840 7th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3G2

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